• Only first-quality carpet (not seconds or promotional items) can be covered under these warranties.

  • Warranties apply to owner-occupied residences, and to carpet purchased by the tenant in a rental dwelling. Time-share dwellings are specifically excluded. Warranties are extended only to the original purchaser and are not transferable.

  • Warranties do not apply to carpet which has been bound into rugs.

  • Carpet must be installed following the Carpet & Rug Institute Standard for Residential Installation, Publication #105. Carpet damaged by improper installation methods are not covered by any warranty. Examples of improper installation are damage from knee-kickers and/or power stretchers, wrinkling due to insufficient stretch, frayed seams due to lack of seam sealer and seam peaking. Contact the International Floor Covering Installers Association for a list of certified carpet installers at (816)231-4646.

  • Warranties exclude carpet not maintained in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the “Care & Maintenance” section of this website.

  • Warranties exclude carpet which has been put to commercial use, abnormal use or conditions, or abused in any way. “Commercial use” includes, but is not limited to, use in a store, office or other place of business. “Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to, water damage from plumbing, storm or flood, damage from smoke or fire, damage from improper cleaning methods or materials, and from improper maintenance. “Abuse” is any use of the carpet that is unreasonable considering the normal and expected uses of a carpet in a residence.

  • Warranties do not cover damage or appearance changes on carpet installed on stairs, in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors or in areas subject to other than ordinary shoe traffic.

  • Warranties specifically exclude any consequential or incidental damages incurred should your carpet need to be replaced for any reason.

  • We recommend a pad of no greater than 1/2” in pile height. All warranties will be voided if carpet is installed over pad with a pile height of greater than 1/2".

  • Royalty provides a one-year limited repair or replacement warranty. Royalty warrants (to the original purchaser only) that the carpet will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of invoice. This repair or replacement warranty does not cover inherent characteristics covered in the “Characteristics” section of this website. This warranty covers manufacturing defects only, and not damage caused by abuse, improper or inadequate maintenance, or due to the use of improper pad or damage caused during installation.

  • Depending on the fiber type used in your specific carpet selection, additional warranties from either Stainmaster, Scotchgard, or Royal Premiere may also apply.  Specific warranties can be found at these links.